Thursday, July 6, 2017

Honor 8 Pro: At Rs.29,999, Yay or Nay? [REVIEW]

Honor 8 Pro: Yay or Nay?

Seems like the Chinese telecommunications company is back. But will the Honor 8 Pro really have that punch? In this first impression post, we find out:

Huawei has been around for some time now. They've been in the business of manufacturing phones since 1997. Besides smartphones(obviously) they are making tablets these days as well. With the Honor 8 Pro, the crowd of chinese smartphone manufacturers in the Indian market sure has increased.

The 5.7 inch screen is quite the right dimension that every manufacturer is looking at. these guys aren't way off either. The Display resolution at 1440x2560 and a pixel density of 515 pixel is sure to be loved by every gaming addict. Get ready for some heavy detailing.

The Huawei Honor 8 is powered by 1.8 Ghz octa-core Kirin 960 processor. Now, with the insanely huge popularity of Snapdragon and Mediatek, Huawei will have a strong battle ahead to upsell this processor in the minds of the audience. I am taking a very cautious approach until I get my hands on this device. Powering this monster is an 6GB RAM to ensure that your game runs as smooth as butter. 

128GB internal with 128GB extendable memory is something that will definitely make the buyer sit up and notice. With the apps becoming increasingly bulky and ever asking for more space, this is something that I personally love.

The all-new Huawei Honor 8 packs in a 12MP camera and an 8MP front camera. No front flash. 

With a 4000mAh batter, Huawei sure as ensured that the octa-core processor and the RAM are well-fed during your gaming times. 

The new device is 184gms, a bit bulky if you were to ask me. 

The phone supports dual-SIM (nano) and supports GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G adn 4G and Proximity Sensors, Ambient Light Sensor, Accelerometer and a Gyroscope.

At Rs.29,999, this is a bold move by the company. You can buy the same at Amazon.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why I Love the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Already!

I love it when leaks come true. Ofcourse, it's exactly like the Deadpool trailer leak that actually led to the biggest grossing Marvel movie in recent times. Was it planned or not, the phones, considering Samsung had to quickly shift the conversation from the Note fiasco that has left the company reeling in a major problem, is something I'd rather not get into. 

Twitter had exploded, pun unintended, with a lot of jokes on Samsung possibly botching this phone as well, back when it was announced. However, with the hardware (even the software), the phone seems to project the company's message - stumbled but not fallen. So, let's just dive in -

The Star Features
Edge-to-Edge display, No Home Button and Bixby.
One of the biggest plus points of owing a Samsung has always been the display. This is something every single tech junkie loves. Samsung has seemingly pushed its edge-to-edge display in this variant with 5.8 and 6.2 inch screens. The phone looks taller, allowing publishers to deliver true viewing experiences to the consumers.

The phone occupies 80% of the length, with the home button now gone, this clearly makes me believe that the company is going to let the Note series die its own natural death. Bixby, nestled right under the volume button of the new phones, projects how important Samsung believes this feature be in the future. With Amazon and Google, now Samsung has clearly shifted its focus into an assistant that truly does things that the tech company envisions it to be.

What I love about Samsung is just how this assitant fits perfectly into the scheme of things. Samsung has already launched a tonne of "smart devices" for the entire household. With Bixby, it'll be a breeze to control your devices. With Samsung promising to open the assitant for 3rd-party developers, soon, you will be able to book a table, buy a book and do a lot more with the assitant.

What the company has clearly learnt from the past launch is to not to go for a bigger battery, but a safer and a smarter one. It has left the cameras with minor tweaking with the software to ensure quick autofocus and better capturing. 

The new phone isn't groundbreaking, it's rather laying the grounds for a company that's willing to look ahead. 

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