Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Where You've Got Influencer Marketing Wrong(and How to Fix It)

Who is an influencer?
There's more to it that meets the eye: influencer marketing 

Influencers are great! You have them do your job for a community that's there for you, for far less. The messaging seems(almost) authentic and it's a great way to build your brand's presence on social media. Or is it? Between having influencers or "brand advocates" as us industry folks like to call it, there has been an exhaustion. I have gotten my brands to completely go off the typical influencer programs that I see other brands, some of them quite well known, taking up so easily.

Every other day, you see a movie's 100th week being celebrated on Twitter. Do a quick looksie into the kind of people who are tweeting about ir and you'd find that it's the same people who were tweeting about some other movie, some other time, for a few cents. Are they really your influencers? Do you really think that investing x amount of money on social media enable a potential customer to convert, seeing your hashtag trend, on Twitter?

Who ARE Influencers/Advocates?
They are regular people with an extraordinary fan base, you can send hoards of contest mongers folks to your social profile. They don't care what you are tweeting as long as you give them gift vouchers and close the deal. But are they really the influencers you need? No. Real influencers cannot be decided looking at an excel sheet with an x no. of influencers with y no. of followers/reach. It's not just the Klout score that matters. It's their community health, the topics they are popular on and whether they general audience is talking about matter to your brand in general and your product in particular.

But, it's About Getting it to Trend, You Say?
Wrong. If your contest/activity trends for a couple of hours, it doesn't mean your campaign is great. Sure, it will help pacify some brand owner who has zero idea about how social media works. All he/she might care is the engagement %, the community growth. But what you need to know is that when you aren't bringing in these influencers, you great products/campaigns may fall face first.

Shift in Perception Needed
With agencies mushrooming that promise you a plethora of services among which "getting trending on a daily basis" figures highly. While it may seem cool, having an agency with a set of influencers under them getting your brand/campaign trended whenever you throw money, it's not. You need to understand who is an influencer and who isn't, and most importantly - how you can cultivate them.

This and more will be discussed in the second part. Stay tuned!