Wednesday, November 16, 2016

More Trouble for Facebook - Inflated Numbers, Botched Algorithm

Mark Zuckerberg standing in front of a Facebook sign
More Trouble in the Horizon
Finally, it's over! The US election and the year and a half build up to this giant clusterduck has been an exhaustive experience for a guy who takes keen interest in international news and its implications. I am sure it has been the same for you as well. Well, amidst all of this brouhaha over deserved to win and who deserved to be put behind bars, the sexist comments and leaked emails that never really proved anything, we realized one thing - social media had clearly over taken the mainstream media in every aspect of news and how we consumed the same.

For the average citizen, Facebook, the popular social network has been a content consumption platform, even a second one. However, some researchers have pegged the number between 44-60% - of US citizens who have taken Facebook as the primary source of information. While this might be great for marketers like you and I, it's totally not for the inherent objectivity of news.

With Facebook admitting their automated content curation being a dud, it's obviously not a great news for advertisers when Facebook has admitted to botched data. In a stunning find by Gizmodo, Facebook admits to miscalculating view counts in some of the ad reporting systems.

Facebook reported that their correction happening over the next few weeks will reduce the unique reach (28 day period) by over 55% in some cases. Along with the reach, video view counts, instant article views and referrals via apps have also been inflated.

With a horrible week for Facebook, you're bound to wonder - what next?

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