Thursday, September 22, 2016

Say Hello to LinkedIn Learning: e-Learning for Professionals

LinkedIn Logo high resolution
LinkedIn Learning: A step in the right direction
With 450 million users and in the process of getting taken over by Microsoft in a staggering $26.2 billion deal, LinkedIn today announced the launch of a brand new portal - designed to enable professionals acquire new skill sets through e-Learning. This ambitious portal is aimed at businesses as well, looking for a faster, tailor-made courses for its employees. Even educational institutions can explore the e-learning courses offered by the portal.

This has been in the works ever since LinkedIn took over the e-Learning site for $1.5 billion. It went live in San Francisco with 9000 courses on offer! From businesses to technology and creative topics, there is a whole gamut of courses for you.

As an employee, you can select the course and even your employer can do the same on your behalf along with the HR. Both may monitor the progress and the overall data can help curators at LinkedIn better the course of the next months.

Currently, the same is available to LinkedIn premium users, getting about 25 courses to do every week. Soon, it will roll out enterprise solutions for larger companies to subscribe in bulk and get on with it. LinkedIn, a site for professionals not just looking for jobs, but creating a profile that provides them the opportunity to find new connections, has focused its strategy on education.

This is definitely a step in the right direction.

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