Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Everything You Need to Know about YouTube Community

YouTube community logo
YouTube Community: Another shot at awesome?
Confirming the industry buzz that has been going around for quite some time, YouTube today introduced YouTube Community with more social features built into it. YouTube creators will now be able to engage better with their fans with the use of Gifs, images and more. With this, YouTube aims to keep the creators from leaving the platform to interact with their fans. Now it will be more than just posting a video, quite simply put.

YouTube has been testing the features with a select group of creators. This was essential lydone to ensure optimal user experience as and when another launch happens. Creators will be able to see a "Community" tab in their channel, thereby being able to interact with their fans. More creators will be brought into the roll in the coming few months.

Users will be able to see these posts in their feed and can even subscribe to receive push notification, just like Twitter. This seems to be a good better move than the previous one *cough*google+*cough*. Thank god they rolled back their Google+ integration to YouTube. This is essentially a move to ensure higher engagement in the community itself.

Will this be another dud? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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