Thursday, September 1, 2016

Could Your Finger be the Phone of the Future?

Sgnl - Watch of the future?
Sgnl - Phone of the future?

We are living in amazing times! A campaign in Kickstarter has borrowed a leaf straight out of spy-movies! It's called Sgnl (because who cares about vowels, right?) and is a wristband that lets you make and receive phone calls using your index finger. 

The device attaches to your wrist and doesn't have a speaker. Instead, it sends signals through your body into your ear. Now, there is a mic that's built into the device. Innmobdle Lab(hmm..vowels!) is a startup that has spun out of Samsung. This is their very first project and they are just looking at raising $50,000 which I am pretty sure will be over subscribed. Sgnl is available at $139.

The only interesting thing that I could find about the device is that it's just a strap, meaning you can fit your current analog watch right in. This means one less device to constantly keep a track of. However, one major point is that this device, much like the bluetooth, will look super awkward in public. I mean, it's great for a party trick or two but using this on a daily basis? I think I'll pass.

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