Saturday, September 24, 2016

Twitter Finally Up for Sale: Formal Bidding Soon

twitter logo
Twitter up for Sale

Notice Twitter's shares jumping 20% at the stock market? That's because Google and Salesforce have shown interest in acquiring the micro-blogging site. This is on top of Microsoft and Verizon approaching Twitter sometime this year. 

Twitter's estimated value rose from $13 billion to $15.5 billion amidst buzz of zeroing in to the final winner of this race. Sources told CNBC that Twitter has been secretly up for sale for over a year now. After replacing its CEO Jack Costolo with Jack Dorsey, the board of directors have been constantly looking at a suitable buyer. 

Although Twitter did try a lot of options- buying Live-streaming rights to Periscope, it's revenues and user numbers have been stagnant for a long long time now.

While all the potential buyers have acquired companies big and small - Microsoft - LinkedIn, Verizon - Yahoo, there are still no clear favourites for this race.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Say Hello to LinkedIn Learning: e-Learning for Professionals

LinkedIn Logo high resolution
LinkedIn Learning: A step in the right direction
With 450 million users and in the process of getting taken over by Microsoft in a staggering $26.2 billion deal, LinkedIn today announced the launch of a brand new portal - designed to enable professionals acquire new skill sets through e-Learning. This ambitious portal is aimed at businesses as well, looking for a faster, tailor-made courses for its employees. Even educational institutions can explore the e-learning courses offered by the portal.

This has been in the works ever since LinkedIn took over the e-Learning site for $1.5 billion. It went live in San Francisco with 9000 courses on offer! From businesses to technology and creative topics, there is a whole gamut of courses for you.

As an employee, you can select the course and even your employer can do the same on your behalf along with the HR. Both may monitor the progress and the overall data can help curators at LinkedIn better the course of the next months.

Currently, the same is available to LinkedIn premium users, getting about 25 courses to do every week. Soon, it will roll out enterprise solutions for larger companies to subscribe in bulk and get on with it. LinkedIn, a site for professionals not just looking for jobs, but creating a profile that provides them the opportunity to find new connections, has focused its strategy on education.

This is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Phones from Google Launch Next Month!

Google Pixels Coming!
It's Happening!
Always a great feeling to share this type of news! Come October and Google will be introducing new phones, all livestreamed on YouTube. On October 4th, check out Google's YouTube channel for something exciting. Google on Monday posted a website and a video on the same. 

Rumour is that the new phones will be called Pixels and not Nexus. There is also a supposed tie-up with HTC in the offing. Google will be looking to take control of the hardware and the stock Android more seriously with this line. 

I loved their 5X and 6P devices so naturally cannot wait for the announcement!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Beyond 140: Twitter's Longer Tweets have Arrived

Nope. Nothing's going beyond 140 characters on Twitter. However, that shouldn't stop twitter from trying out variety of additions to your tweets. Now, any new addition to your tweet won't count as a character. Twitter has rolled this out across the world today.
This is great! Twitter will also test out omitting user handles from replies. Now, you should be able to squeeze some more space out of your tweets. These small updates have long been pending and obviously the community has accepted them with open arms.

Next stop: EDIT TWEET BUTTON please!
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pinterest Makes it Easier for Businesses to Boost their Content with 'Promote' Button

pinterest logo
Pinterest enables Advertising in a BIG way

Many small business owners, who don't have the know-how or the experties to go through Facebook's Business Manager have been able to promote their content with the 'Boost' button. Pinterest seem to have taken a leaf out of the same by introducing the 'Promote' Button for it's users. 

It's simple. Find the pin that you want to promote, Do a couple of checks like links to the website, set a budget and time. The Pinterest team approves your ad and that's it - it's done!

Pinterest Advertising
Better ads. Better delivery.

While the efficacy of the same isn't know yet, I am pretty sure that B2C companies will definitely be able to make good use of the same.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Businesses Running ORM on Twitter Get New Features!

Twitter logo
Twitter ORM now a Breeze
For businesses which are handling customer service through Twitter, the popular social networking platform has rolled out a series of new features today. Users will now be able to connect better with profiles which are offering customer service on Twitter. You will now be able to display on your profile whether or not you offer customer support on it or not. You will also be able to display when you are active to respond to queries.

Twitter has included a new Customer Support settings page in the Dashboard. Post-enabling the same, it'll show that the business offers Twitter support. Your business will now be able to receive messages from anyone, thereby not requiring you to follow back the account. 

You will also be able to show when you're online to receive queries, thereby setting the expectations clear on your end. Honestly, this will definitely help de-clutter all the negative clutter many of our brands receive.

As a guy who has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 3 years, this will defnitely help a lot of my clients. How about you? Share in the comments below!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Everything You Need to Know about YouTube Community

YouTube community logo
YouTube Community: Another shot at awesome?
Confirming the industry buzz that has been going around for quite some time, YouTube today introduced YouTube Community with more social features built into it. YouTube creators will now be able to engage better with their fans with the use of Gifs, images and more. With this, YouTube aims to keep the creators from leaving the platform to interact with their fans. Now it will be more than just posting a video, quite simply put.

YouTube has been testing the features with a select group of creators. This was essential lydone to ensure optimal user experience as and when another launch happens. Creators will be able to see a "Community" tab in their channel, thereby being able to interact with their fans. More creators will be brought into the roll in the coming few months.

Users will be able to see these posts in their feed and can even subscribe to receive push notification, just like Twitter. This seems to be a good better move than the previous one *cough*google+*cough*. Thank god they rolled back their Google+ integration to YouTube. This is essentially a move to ensure higher engagement in the community itself.

Will this be another dud? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Here's a Farewell to an Ara that Never Began

Project Ara Google
Project Ara: Google

Let's face it, Project Ara, Google's much hyped, highly anticipated modular smartphone concept was really not going to take off. There were a whole lot of challenges and lot of manufacturers and software companies had to come together to agree on a number of things. On the upside, we would have had finally dealt with the e-waste but in the downside, it would have sounded a death knell to the brands spending billions of dollars to offer something unique to their audience. 

So, why did Project Ara not take off? Here are the top three reasons:

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Could Your Finger be the Phone of the Future?

Sgnl - Watch of the future?
Sgnl - Phone of the future?

We are living in amazing times! A campaign in Kickstarter has borrowed a leaf straight out of spy-movies! It's called Sgnl (because who cares about vowels, right?) and is a wristband that lets you make and receive phone calls using your index finger. 

The device attaches to your wrist and doesn't have a speaker. Instead, it sends signals through your body into your ear. Now, there is a mic that's built into the device. Innmobdle Lab(hmm..vowels!) is a startup that has spun out of Samsung. This is their very first project and they are just looking at raising $50,000 which I am pretty sure will be over subscribed. Sgnl is available at $139.

The only interesting thing that I could find about the device is that it's just a strap, meaning you can fit your current analog watch right in. This means one less device to constantly keep a track of. However, one major point is that this device, much like the bluetooth, will look super awkward in public. I mean, it's great for a party trick or two but using this on a daily basis? I think I'll pass.

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