Friday, August 19, 2016

Will the Notifications Update on Twitter make it Happening Again?

With the unveiling of a new feature by Twitter to clean up the notifications tab by removing low quality mentions, Twitter is desperately trying to make it more inviting. Now, you will have Twitter working constantly with you to hide and remove bots and duplicate mentions. 

You can activate the same by going to 'Settings' inside your app and turn on "Quality Filter." Twitter, despite not revealing the algorithm behind the move, aims to make the community a more positive one.

Verdict - Does it Suck?

Well, first off - this isn't for the average Joe. Twitter has always been about appeasing the verified folks. So, yes, may be this will work in their favour and make them not get worked up and commit a Twitter suicide.


The main suggestions from the community still haven't been addressed to. Twitter still doesn't allow basic features such as an Edit Tweet button. It hasn't been able to get advertisers do epic content-led pieces to get conversions.

Twitter, this update is good but let's not just focus on the first in line but the last in line as well.