Monday, June 27, 2016

#Xiaomi Does a #Tesla - Launches e-Bikes with 45kms on a Single Charge

Here's the thing about great companies - they are always diversifying. A search-company is now looking to manufacture its own smartphone. A reputed Electric car company is now focused on space while a smartphone company is now focusing on something far more affordable and yet needed - Electric Bikes.

They have released a smart rice-cooker in the past, a drone recently. This time, they have gone ahead and released a foldable electric cycle. Introducing the Mi Qicycle Electric Folding Bike. Weighing under 14 kilos(13.5 to be exact) and with an 18,650mAh battery, this not so pleasing to the eye bike is sure going to change the landscape of urban commute.

But what if you run out of charge? You can still peddle it just like a regular cycle. The 250W, 36V electric motor-powered cycle runs on 20 Panasonic 2600mAh LiOn batteries - stuff that you find in a Tesla car.

What's more?
You are talking Xiaomi - a smartphone maker. Of course, their electric bike has to be smart. You will be able to measure the distance covered, calories burned and even has a speedometer. It has also installed safeguards to ensure the battery doesn't operate out of its comfort zone.

The Torque Management Method in the bike allows you to know just how much you need to pedal to reach the desired speed.

Priced at RMB2999 (INR 31000), this bike is unlikely to launch anytime soon in India. However, as and when it's launched, I sure will be standing in the queue to get my hands on this amazing piece of sheer awesomeness!

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