Thursday, June 23, 2016

Amazon Needs to be Kwik as the Latter has $3 Million of Funding!

It's Monday night and you have had a tough day. Football's on and you don't want to cook. "Kwik, go press a button!", you hear. You go to your fridge and literally just press a button. Soon, Pizza and Coke show up in front of your door.

Kwik, a company revolutionalizing repeat-purchase industry has been able to raise $3 million to take on Amazon in a major way. The Tel-Aviv based company wants to ensure a product made for repeat purchasers who aren't willing to stay engaged with the app. 

Where Kwik has gone a step ahead of Amazon is that it has kept its ecosystem open. It doesn't make money from the user but takes a small commission from the brands who associate with Kwik. This product is sure to generate a lot of buzz in the future. 

What Excites Me About the Product?
A physical button that is stuck on my fridge like a magnet that orders food as easily as I wish to. It's neat, clean and secure.

What Doesn't Excite Me About the Product?
Great! You like Dominoes! But, what about you trying to get some other kind of pizza this time around? The button doesn't let you explore the menu, apparently. There is still some thought that needs to be given into this product's development.

Do you think Kwik and companies making similar products are the future of marketing? Share in the comments below!