Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Where You've Got Influencer Marketing Wrong(and How to Fix It)

Who is an influencer?
There's more to it that meets the eye: influencer marketing 

Influencers are great! You have them do your job for a community that's there for you, for far less. The messaging seems(almost) authentic and it's a great way to build your brand's presence on social media. Or is it? Between having influencers or "brand advocates" as us industry folks like to call it, there has been an exhaustion. I have gotten my brands to completely go off the typical influencer programs that I see other brands, some of them quite well known, taking up so easily.

Every other day, you see a movie's 100th week being celebrated on Twitter. Do a quick looksie into the kind of people who are tweeting about ir and you'd find that it's the same people who were tweeting about some other movie, some other time, for a few cents. Are they really your influencers? Do you really think that investing x amount of money on social media enable a potential customer to convert, seeing your hashtag trend, on Twitter?

Who ARE Influencers/Advocates?
They are regular people with an extraordinary fan base, you can send hoards of contest mongers folks to your social profile. They don't care what you are tweeting as long as you give them gift vouchers and close the deal. But are they really the influencers you need? No. Real influencers cannot be decided looking at an excel sheet with an x no. of influencers with y no. of followers/reach. It's not just the Klout score that matters. It's their community health, the topics they are popular on and whether they general audience is talking about matter to your brand in general and your product in particular.

But, it's About Getting it to Trend, You Say?
Wrong. If your contest/activity trends for a couple of hours, it doesn't mean your campaign is great. Sure, it will help pacify some brand owner who has zero idea about how social media works. All he/she might care is the engagement %, the community growth. But what you need to know is that when you aren't bringing in these influencers, you great products/campaigns may fall face first.

Shift in Perception Needed
With agencies mushrooming that promise you a plethora of services among which "getting trending on a daily basis" figures highly. While it may seem cool, having an agency with a set of influencers under them getting your brand/campaign trended whenever you throw money, it's not. You need to understand who is an influencer and who isn't, and most importantly - how you can cultivate them.

This and more will be discussed in the second part. Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

India: The Next Big Destination for Facebook

Facebook logo
Spreading Out: Going Deep - Facebook

Developing a keen focus on building strong business partnerships, Facebook has reserved its big guns for India.

With India being a key growth market for the popular social networking giant, Facebook is working overtime to develop solutions for businesses of all kinds here. In a report published by the Indian Express, Facebook has said,"We(India) are leading the charter for the emerging markets for Facebook." The report quoted Umang Bedi, its newly appointed India and South East Asia Head as saying that the Indian market, part of the Asia Pacific market.

  • India has 166 million monthly active users.
  • A whooping 85 million daily active users, 81 million of them from their mobile phones.

Facebook has grown out of focusing just on FMCG and eCommerce industries and is now focusing on eight key verticals, with dedicated teams working actively for them - Retail, Travel, Financial Services, Techno, Telecom and Auto.

What's even more awesome is that Facebook's training platform - Facebook Blueprint has hit a record 1 million enrollment, with India being the 2nd largest contributor to this number.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

More Trouble for Facebook - Inflated Numbers, Botched Algorithm

Mark Zuckerberg standing in front of a Facebook sign
More Trouble in the Horizon
Finally, it's over! The US election and the year and a half build up to this giant clusterduck has been an exhaustive experience for a guy who takes keen interest in international news and its implications. I am sure it has been the same for you as well. Well, amidst all of this brouhaha over deserved to win and who deserved to be put behind bars, the sexist comments and leaked emails that never really proved anything, we realized one thing - social media had clearly over taken the mainstream media in every aspect of news and how we consumed the same.

For the average citizen, Facebook, the popular social network has been a content consumption platform, even a second one. However, some researchers have pegged the number between 44-60% - of US citizens who have taken Facebook as the primary source of information. While this might be great for marketers like you and I, it's totally not for the inherent objectivity of news.

With Facebook admitting their automated content curation being a dud, it's obviously not a great news for advertisers when Facebook has admitted to botched data. In a stunning find by Gizmodo, Facebook admits to miscalculating view counts in some of the ad reporting systems.

Facebook reported that their correction happening over the next few weeks will reduce the unique reach (28 day period) by over 55% in some cases. Along with the reach, video view counts, instant article views and referrals via apps have also been inflated.

With a horrible week for Facebook, you're bound to wonder - what next?

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Twitter Finally Up for Sale: Formal Bidding Soon

twitter logo
Twitter up for Sale

Notice Twitter's shares jumping 20% at the stock market? That's because Google and Salesforce have shown interest in acquiring the micro-blogging site. This is on top of Microsoft and Verizon approaching Twitter sometime this year. 

Twitter's estimated value rose from $13 billion to $15.5 billion amidst buzz of zeroing in to the final winner of this race. Sources told CNBC that Twitter has been secretly up for sale for over a year now. After replacing its CEO Jack Costolo with Jack Dorsey, the board of directors have been constantly looking at a suitable buyer. 

Although Twitter did try a lot of options- buying Live-streaming rights to Periscope, it's revenues and user numbers have been stagnant for a long long time now.

While all the potential buyers have acquired companies big and small - Microsoft - LinkedIn, Verizon - Yahoo, there are still no clear favourites for this race.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Say Hello to LinkedIn Learning: e-Learning for Professionals

LinkedIn Logo high resolution
LinkedIn Learning: A step in the right direction
With 450 million users and in the process of getting taken over by Microsoft in a staggering $26.2 billion deal, LinkedIn today announced the launch of a brand new portal - designed to enable professionals acquire new skill sets through e-Learning. This ambitious portal is aimed at businesses as well, looking for a faster, tailor-made courses for its employees. Even educational institutions can explore the e-learning courses offered by the portal.

This has been in the works ever since LinkedIn took over the e-Learning site Lynda.com for $1.5 billion. It went live in San Francisco with 9000 courses on offer! From businesses to technology and creative topics, there is a whole gamut of courses for you.

As an employee, you can select the course and even your employer can do the same on your behalf along with the HR. Both may monitor the progress and the overall data can help curators at LinkedIn better the course of the next months.

Currently, the same is available to LinkedIn premium users, getting about 25 courses to do every week. Soon, it will roll out enterprise solutions for larger companies to subscribe in bulk and get on with it. LinkedIn, a site for professionals not just looking for jobs, but creating a profile that provides them the opportunity to find new connections, has focused its strategy on education.

This is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Phones from Google Launch Next Month!

Google Pixels Coming!
It's Happening!
Always a great feeling to share this type of news! Come October and Google will be introducing new phones, all livestreamed on YouTube. On October 4th, check out Google's YouTube channel for something exciting. Google on Monday posted a website and a video on the same. 

Rumour is that the new phones will be called Pixels and not Nexus. There is also a supposed tie-up with HTC in the offing. Google will be looking to take control of the hardware and the stock Android more seriously with this line. 

I loved their 5X and 6P devices so naturally cannot wait for the announcement!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Beyond 140: Twitter's Longer Tweets have Arrived

Nope. Nothing's going beyond 140 characters on Twitter. However, that shouldn't stop twitter from trying out variety of additions to your tweets. Now, any new addition to your tweet won't count as a character. Twitter has rolled this out across the world today.
This is great! Twitter will also test out omitting user handles from replies. Now, you should be able to squeeze some more space out of your tweets. These small updates have long been pending and obviously the community has accepted them with open arms.

Next stop: EDIT TWEET BUTTON please!
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pinterest Makes it Easier for Businesses to Boost their Content with 'Promote' Button

pinterest logo
Pinterest enables Advertising in a BIG way

Many small business owners, who don't have the know-how or the experties to go through Facebook's Business Manager have been able to promote their content with the 'Boost' button. Pinterest seem to have taken a leaf out of the same by introducing the 'Promote' Button for it's users. 

It's simple. Find the pin that you want to promote, Do a couple of checks like links to the website, set a budget and time. The Pinterest team approves your ad and that's it - it's done!

Pinterest Advertising
Better ads. Better delivery.

While the efficacy of the same isn't know yet, I am pretty sure that B2C companies will definitely be able to make good use of the same.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Businesses Running ORM on Twitter Get New Features!

Twitter logo
Twitter ORM now a Breeze
For businesses which are handling customer service through Twitter, the popular social networking platform has rolled out a series of new features today. Users will now be able to connect better with profiles which are offering customer service on Twitter. You will now be able to display on your profile whether or not you offer customer support on it or not. You will also be able to display when you are active to respond to queries.

Twitter has included a new Customer Support settings page in the Dashboard. Post-enabling the same, it'll show that the business offers Twitter support. Your business will now be able to receive messages from anyone, thereby not requiring you to follow back the account. 

You will also be able to show when you're online to receive queries, thereby setting the expectations clear on your end. Honestly, this will definitely help de-clutter all the negative clutter many of our brands receive.

As a guy who has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 3 years, this will defnitely help a lot of my clients. How about you? Share in the comments below!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Everything You Need to Know about YouTube Community

YouTube community logo
YouTube Community: Another shot at awesome?
Confirming the industry buzz that has been going around for quite some time, YouTube today introduced YouTube Community with more social features built into it. YouTube creators will now be able to engage better with their fans with the use of Gifs, images and more. With this, YouTube aims to keep the creators from leaving the platform to interact with their fans. Now it will be more than just posting a video, quite simply put.

YouTube has been testing the features with a select group of creators. This was essential lydone to ensure optimal user experience as and when another launch happens. Creators will be able to see a "Community" tab in their channel, thereby being able to interact with their fans. More creators will be brought into the roll in the coming few months.

Users will be able to see these posts in their feed and can even subscribe to receive push notification, just like Twitter. This seems to be a good better move than the previous one *cough*google+*cough*. Thank god they rolled back their Google+ integration to YouTube. This is essentially a move to ensure higher engagement in the community itself.

Will this be another dud? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Here's a Farewell to an Ara that Never Began

Project Ara Google
Project Ara: Google

Let's face it, Project Ara, Google's much hyped, highly anticipated modular smartphone concept was really not going to take off. There were a whole lot of challenges and lot of manufacturers and software companies had to come together to agree on a number of things. On the upside, we would have had finally dealt with the e-waste but in the downside, it would have sounded a death knell to the brands spending billions of dollars to offer something unique to their audience. 

So, why did Project Ara not take off? Here are the top three reasons:

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Could Your Finger be the Phone of the Future?

Sgnl - Watch of the future?
Sgnl - Phone of the future?

We are living in amazing times! A campaign in Kickstarter has borrowed a leaf straight out of spy-movies! It's called Sgnl (because who cares about vowels, right?) and is a wristband that lets you make and receive phone calls using your index finger. 

The device attaches to your wrist and doesn't have a speaker. Instead, it sends signals through your body into your ear. Now, there is a mic that's built into the device. Innmobdle Lab(hmm..vowels!) is a startup that has spun out of Samsung. This is their very first project and they are just looking at raising $50,000 which I am pretty sure will be over subscribed. Sgnl is available at $139.

The only interesting thing that I could find about the device is that it's just a strap, meaning you can fit your current analog watch right in. This means one less device to constantly keep a track of. However, one major point is that this device, much like the bluetooth, will look super awkward in public. I mean, it's great for a party trick or two but using this on a daily basis? I think I'll pass.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Facebook's Slideshow Ads: Now Improved!

Facebook has now made a lot of improvements to it's Slideshow Ads, announced last fall. This form of ad is typically done to address emerging markets with bandwidth issues. Advertisers will now be able to create ads right from their phones and add text/music and photos. If you don't have your own photos, then you can pick some up from Facebook's own stock library. 

Slideshow, when it was launched, was typically focused on bridging the bandwidth gap. Initially, ads consisted of five to seven photographs, each running for a couple of seconds. Photos would consume just 20% of the bandwidth that videos did. They did play a lot quicker. 

However, with this revamp, you will now be able to add sound, enabling you to provide a richer experience. Along with this, you will be able to include, text, photos. You would think this to be a bummer, for the entire purpose of this medium is to solve the bandwidth issue.

Facebook has been clever to market these changes and it noticed that many major brands in high bandwidth markets were keen to adopt this medium to advertise. Pretty good move, if you ask me.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Get Ready for Android Nougat - Rolling Out Today!

It's been an amazing journey for this new version of Android. From being just an 'N' to a full fledged 'Nougat', we've all waited with bated breath. The day is finally here! Android Nougat will roll out on Nexus devices starting today!

All Nexus owners(6, 5X, 6P, Player, 9, Pixel C, Android One) should be getting the updates soon. While it will prompt users to update Android starting today, we are pretty confident that it's going to take at least a month for Android Nougat to fully roll out. 

Features like multi-window display and a whole new notifications pane is going to make it easier for users to reply to messages quickly and act in fewer clicks.

What's different about this version of Android is that Google released a Beta version of this app, to address some teething issues.

How is your experience with Android so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Will the Notifications Update on Twitter make it Happening Again?

With the unveiling of a new feature by Twitter to clean up the notifications tab by removing low quality mentions, Twitter is desperately trying to make it more inviting. Now, you will have Twitter working constantly with you to hide and remove bots and duplicate mentions. 

You can activate the same by going to 'Settings' inside your app and turn on "Quality Filter." Twitter, despite not revealing the algorithm behind the move, aims to make the community a more positive one.

Verdict - Does it Suck?

Well, first off - this isn't for the average Joe. Twitter has always been about appeasing the verified folks. So, yes, may be this will work in their favour and make them not get worked up and commit a Twitter suicide.


The main suggestions from the community still haven't been addressed to. Twitter still doesn't allow basic features such as an Edit Tweet button. It hasn't been able to get advertisers do epic content-led pieces to get conversions.

Twitter, this update is good but let's not just focus on the first in line but the last in line as well. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Ad-Blocking War Picks Up!

Now, you may be wondering about the recent news from Facebook about bypassing any ad blocker tool that you have installed in your system or your browser. Yes, it's true. Facebook is somehow of the opinion that it's ads are totally not annoying; that they are perfectly justifed to serve up more relevant ads to your feed. Sure. It's like pointing a gun to your head and making you listen to a Justin Bieber track saying,"Hey! Atleast the beats are rad!". Not.

Facebook, unlike other websites, has been able to rebrand its ads as regular stories, thereby being able to bypass the code that various ad blocker tools track to block. Advertisers will still be able to see the ad-performance. Facebook would now enable you to block ads from certain companies along with genres which you simply dont want to see. Neat, right?

Now, that was all hunky dory for advertisers, with them thinking about the good ol' days being back. However, Adblock Plus has found a way to already get a ONE-UP on Facebook. All one needs to do is upgrade to an Adblock Plus and voila! It's done! Although the same is not fool-proof - Adblocker is still ending up blocking certain posts from your friends and family but I guess it's a collateral damange you ought to be willing to take.

The Tom and Jerry game has been around since the concept of ad-blocking programs. You see, whenever websites have taken a step to go around Ad-blockers, the community has found ways and means to filter the ads and curate the content in a much better manner.

What's surprising is that it took less than 48 hours for AdBlocker community to get back at Facebook. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Here's What to Expect from the #Samsung Galaxy #Note7

Other than the design changes and the VR Headset, is the all new Phablet from Samsung going to shake the tech world? Let's find out!

There have been a lot of leaks over the weekend and with Samsung neither denying nor confirming the reports, it has set the rumour mill abuzz. What changes and what doesn't? Here they are - 

The Galaxy Note 7  will carry a USB-C  connection rather than a microUSB port. It is also rumoured that the phablet will have an iris scanner for added security. There are reports that the same will be metal-based with a glass back with many stating that the dimensions would be somewhere around 153mmx73.9mmx7.9mm, weighing not more than 170gms.

Super-AMOLED is in. Thereby, you can be assured that the phablet would have 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display. We are assuming it will have a 4K recording support and a 12MP rear camera  with f/17 aperture. There would be a 64GB internal storage with expandable storage built in to the same. At this point, I am assuming the same would be dust and water proof, if not resistant.

TouchWiz still remains (WHY?)

The all new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 goes live tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Here's Everything You Need to Know about Facebook's News Feed Update

Damn, Facebook! Back at it again with the algorithm update!

Here's Facebook stating clearly that it's going to ensure to keep the social network for users to stay in touch with their friends and family than from pages that get referral traffic to the site.

Monday, June 27, 2016

#Xiaomi Does a #Tesla - Launches e-Bikes with 45kms on a Single Charge

Here's the thing about great companies - they are always diversifying. A search-company is now looking to manufacture its own smartphone. A reputed Electric car company is now focused on space while a smartphone company is now focusing on something far more affordable and yet needed - Electric Bikes.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Amazon Needs to be Kwik as the Latter has $3 Million of Funding!

It's Monday night and you have had a tough day. Football's on and you don't want to cook. "Kwik, go press a button!", you hear. You go to your fridge and literally just press a button. Soon, Pizza and Coke show up in front of your door.

Kwik, a company revolutionalizing repeat-purchase industry has been able to raise $3 million to take on Amazon in a major way. The Tel-Aviv based company wants to ensure a product made for repeat purchasers who aren't willing to stay engaged with the app. 

Where Kwik has gone a step ahead of Amazon is that it has kept its ecosystem open. It doesn't make money from the user but takes a small commission from the brands who associate with Kwik. This product is sure to generate a lot of buzz in the future. 

What Excites Me About the Product?
A physical button that is stuck on my fridge like a magnet that orders food as easily as I wish to. It's neat, clean and secure.

What Doesn't Excite Me About the Product?
Great! You like Dominoes! But, what about you trying to get some other kind of pizza this time around? The button doesn't let you explore the menu, apparently. There is still some thought that needs to be given into this product's development.

Do you think Kwik and companies making similar products are the future of marketing? Share in the comments below!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy the Upcoming iPhone 7

You have been a fan of Apple for long. You have diligently changed your iPhone every two years or so and have vehemently fought on YouTube comments section against those Android fanboys. Well, you have the latest 6S already and it's pretty sleek! With the new iPhone 7 rumour buzz reaching a crecendo, you must be itching to get an iPhone 7. Here's why you shouldn't.

What's Not New
The device will only see subtle changes from its predecessors - the 6 and the 6S. The screen-size, for one, will remain unchanged. They will still remain 4.7 and 5.5 inches. The physical home button still remains and the device wont be dust/water resistant. 

What Will Change?
The biggest rumour of them all - The headphone jack is going bye-bye. This would be mean the form factor will be up a notch, with the iPhone becoming somewhat resistant to damage. This year's iPhone will undoubtedly be thinner, even though users will still be going for bulky cases to protect their iPhones.

With 2017 being the 10th year of the iPhone, we will see an immense change in design and functions. Till then, hold on to your 'old' iPhone, even though it isn't quite old yet. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Here's Twitter's $150 Million Shot at a Revival

It doesn't look bright for Twitter. With its active user base shrinking and people, quite frankly bored of the platform's unresponsive attitude, there have been many who are leaving the platform for bluer and yellower pastures. I am looking at you Facebook and Snapchat. 

Users are consuming content in a very different way than they were a few years ago. Hence, Twitter has finally decided to give its video arm - a shot, a big big $150 million shot by buying Magic Pony Technology - a machine learning startup, to bolster its video delivery system.

The startup, currently having about 11 PhDs in its rolls, would be soon joining Twitter's Cortex Team.The team will also be looking to develop their other branded acquisitions - Vine and Periscope as well.

Will this change Twitter's fortune for good? Only time will tell. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Snapchat Goes In for a Make-Over; Adds Subscription Feature

Snapchat has been really working towards making its platform truly unique. With its redesigning of the discover tab, it's now allowing everyone to subscribe to the channels it features in this particular section.

The magazine-like layout went live on Tuesday and will now enable publishers to truly capture a unique audience. The icons have changed from round to square, with publishers being given the chance to feature their content.

While the subscription/viewership base previously has been under-reported in the past, with this rollout, publishers hope that they will get good engagement on their channels. With 150 million daily active users in its kitty, Snapchat's job is clearly cut-out - to get advertisers to invest on their platform by making it's Discover section an unparalleled one.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Say Hello to #MicrosoftPlanner!

Here's something new to the Microsoft Office lineup, the all new Microsoft Planner. A team collaboration software that's ready to take on the competition, Microsoft Planner allows you to visually orgnize plans, assign folks, chat and a whole lot more.

Softwares such as Trello, Asana and JIRA Core are going to face a stiff competition from the latest entrant.

With Microsoft Planners' 'Boards', you are able to kee your work organized. Individual cards in them allow you to understand the due dates, attachments and more. These cards are color-coded and are called Buckets.

Microsoft Planner's biggest plus is the fact that it's now integrated with the entire suite. Imagine having your work in sync with Outlook 360 and more! Amazing, isn't it? The package is enterprice-ready, and is already HIPAA, FISMA, ISO27001 and EU Model complied.

With Microsoft Project being just too complex for enterprise, this is a step in the right direction. The roll-out will happen over the next couple of weeks for Office 365 Enterprise E1-E5, Business Essentials, Premium and Education subscription plan holders.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Swipe #ElitePlusLaunch: It's All About Experience

In the market with cut-throat competition, introducing a new smartphone poses a lot of challenges. Previously, it was the price-war, then came the specs-war. Companies introduced phones while displaying the company behind the processor that's in them. It was great, even with the "Flash-sale" concept picking up in a big way. 

However, with time, the audience has learned to sift the real from the fake, the better from the rest. They aren't blindly following big brands anymore. They know, they know very well that their smartphone has got parts from all over the world and it's not just ONE brand. Hence, they are willing to try out new entrants claiming to give them their value for money. 

That's when the Swipe Elite Plus launch caught my eyes. The smartphone commands you to respect it, it's features exceeding the industry-standards, if not the best. The makers clearly aren't looking at high-end smartphone users. Yet, with the right associations - Flipkart and Qualcomm, they have been able to bring in the same at a stunningly low cost.

It sports a Full High Definition (FHD) 5” 1920x1080 IPS Display and energy-efficient screen that gives 40% more colors than a normal LCD screen for brilliant graphics and gaming even under direct sunlight. The new Ergonomic Arc design allows you to grip the phone properly. The new phone comes with Premium Jaquard Polycarbonate body with thin metal frame that is ergonomically tapered to effortlessly fit in your grip.

What's Inside?
With Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 64-Bit 615 Octa-Core processor and a 2GB RAM, Elite Plus has done a good job. The 600-series processor has been proven to give a good battery life. A 3050 mAh  battery powers the Elite Plus and claims one full day worth of usage. The device packs in 16GB of ROM with an extendable memory of upto 64GB.

Although there is no confirmation whether this comes with fast-charging capabilities or not. I suspect the latter. Elite Plus supports 2G/3G/4G LTE/ EVDO/CDMA standards. This is truly a global phone.

What about the Camera?
With its 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera from Samsung, Swipe has focused totally on the selfie-generation. However, I can't confirm the low-light imaging capabilities of the same.

Elite Plus runs on Freedom OS, the indigenously built OS running on Android, comes packed with a host of apps, including 100 GB cloud storage.

What's the Price?
At just Rs.6,999/- Swipe Elite Plus costs Rs.4,000 less than the lowest priced smartphone with similar specs.

Swipe has got its target audience spot on with the pricing. This is a phone for the 1st jobbers and college students, but not for the high-end gamers. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

REVIEW: #Asus #Zenbook3 - Is It Worth the Hype?

Yes, they launched a LOT products, some quite brilliant. But nothing has made the newS like the all-new Asus Zenbook 3. The 3rd-gen ultra-portable notebook is insanely thin infact, thinner than the Macbook.

Without further delay, let's dive in

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Everything You Need to Know about #Allo - Google's New Messaging App - Artificial Intelligence

We are all lazy. Yep, you are one of them. You have tonnes of messaging applications - Skype, Messages, Messenger, WhatsApp and a host of others. Oh! You may even be having Hangouts tucked away in your app library, which you may be using rarely. These are all messaging tools that enable you to stay in touch with your loved ones. But, what's the next step?

Stay 'Hello' to Allo from Google. It's BIG. Here's why

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Watch-out Facebook LIVE, Periscope is Kicking Ass

Periscope is getting down to business! Sensing Facebook's insanely huge customer (and brand) base, twitter has really decided to make Periscope big and absolutely amazing! What are these crazy updates? Let's find out!

Drone Camera Support
Now, you will be able to truly send your followers up in the air by directly relaying through your drone camera. You will be required to sync your drone camera with your iPhone. You will also be able to switch between your drone camera and your iPhone camera.

Permanently Save Videos
Users will soon be able to save videos on the platform automatically. You may also turn this setting off, because LIVE videos kind of become pointless after a while, isn't it?

Updated Search
Users will now be able to search for kickass things to stream to their community as well! Users will now be able to search using hashtags and also location search will receive a shot in the arm.  

No Android Support YET
This is absolutely weird to learn that the service won't be rolled out for Android users just yet. But I am sure this will change in the near future.

How to Sync the GoPro App and Periscope with the iPhone?

Step 1: Sync the GoPro app with the iPhone app of GoPro
Step 2: Fire up Periscope
Step 3: Click on the GoPro icon that'll show up in the screen
Step 4: Create awesome videos!

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Flower for Your Mother: That's #Facebook's Gift this #MothersDay

Just a couple of days before Mother's day is about to burn your entire feed down. The 2nd of May has become one of the increasingly contested day for brands to showcase something different, something quite unique. How could the biggest social network be left behind? Facebook is offering a digital version of a flower for your mother.

Credit where it's due - this was first spotted by @Sreedavsharma

While I can confirm that the reaction won't be available in the United States, it's going to be interesting to see whether reactions will be Facebook's weapon of some sorts against Google Doodle. Sure, it may not be something of a differentiator in business, but it's what it is - a nice touch.