Wednesday, December 30, 2015

iPad Pro Review: Laptop Killer in the Making?

iPad Pro

There are many who'd like to have that one gadget to rule them all, but frankly, even getting the number down to two is a task that's successfully accompolished. With the new iPad Air featuring a keypad, it really didn't excite me the most. Tablet for me usually became a medium for content consumption, dual-screening while I am watching my favourite show and sending that occasional email.

The iPad Pro is here!
A tablet that has the specifications to replace the laptop, perhaps? At just 723gms and 6.9width, this is infact THINNER than the iPhone 6S Plus. The 12.9 inch screen along with a nifty keypad does really help you get away from the feeling of using a tablet.

What Powers this Beast?
The iPad Pro is powered by the powerful A9X processor, Apple's most powerful processor yet. Apple has been successfully able to tap into a processor that has what it takes to stand against Intel's ultra notebook processors. When you use this baby for AutoCad or simply, the Office 365, you aren't disappointed.

What's Unputdownable?
With the iPad Pro, the Split View is surely something that will find takers. You can select the ratio of the screens, thus optimizing your experience for Twitter and Apple News. The Smart Keyboard has really made the experience delightful, with Apple Pencil bringing in that added kick during long-haul flights.

The Issues
The keyboard doesn't seem built for the indian markets. You'd really have to be cautious as you carry them outside. There isn't a trackpad which makes editing a pain in the wrong place.

You will usually get a batter life of upto 10 hours, depending upon how intensive is your usage. Checking emails, watching a couple of videos and listening to music all day long should see you through the day.

The 8MP 1080p rear camera isn't a bit of problem, as not may would consider choosing the iPad Pro to click photographs. However, the 1.2MP front camera really comes in handy during facetime.

The iPad Pro comes with a price tag of Rs.70,000, something that might be a bit too much for the high-end customer

The Verdict
While the all new iPad Pro comes with a HOST of features, it still isn't the Laptop replacement for me. With a host of corporate apps missing from the iOS 9, the product has a long way to go to really find the buyer in me

Monday, December 28, 2015

Samsung Strikes Gold with LeBron James 360 Degree Video

Now, to many LeBron James is considered just a basketball player. This campaign by Samsung just propelled NBA star into the league of insprational players of all time. Consequently, with the video now only launched for Samsung Gear VR users, the technological Juggernaut will soon find takers for its futuristic product.

The VR or Virtual Reality video titled "Striving for Greatness" offers interesting insights into the life of the NBA superstar.

With Samsung and Facebook both looking to enter the VR market in a big way. And with the VR industry not really taking off, these PR videos might just portray these companies as being the torchbearers of technology. 

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