Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Introducing #Priv: A #Blackberry that Runs on #Android

Yes, you heard it. 

CEO John Chen recently launched, or atleast gave a demo of, or atleast tried to, the all new Android Blackberry phone - Priv. The smartphone, despite the launch hiccups, could be a gamechanger or a terribly bad omen for the company that currently commands just 0.5% of the market share, its sale down 70% that previous year.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Forget the Dislike Button. We need these #Facebook buttons first!

It's finally happening. For years, we have been clamouring for a "dislike" button. It seems to be finally happening. And from what is being circulated on the Internet, it wasn't so easy for Facebook to conjure one up.

Facebook had to be sure to create a button that won't actually undo the entire concept of Facebook and used against its pages. They actually did a lot of work to ensure the button is used primarily for sympathizing. However, this seemingly innocous job took a lot of thinking.

Let's say someone has posted on Facebook about the death of a family member or for that matter, the refugee crisis. Here, the 'like' button is seemingly uncomfortable for the one who has posted. The new tool could help the reader empathize with their friend.

The new button is going to roll out pretty soon as Facebook has been working on the same for quite some time now.

Being an animal-lover, I often come across news of dogs being culled in Kerala. Now, even if I may 'like' the news, my thoughts behind would be to thank the person for sharing this, not necessarily trying to appreciate the fact that dogs are being culled in Kerala in huge numbers. 

While the dislike button isn't going to be exactly a "dislike" button, it'd be something akin to it. Here are the possible options that Facebook could look into:

My thoughts 90% of the time.
For those who think Facebook is their personal Journal
When the joke's so bad.
When you need to run away from a conversation you were dragged into
When the news is too graphic. Eh, you come to chill, right?
For when the stupidity is beyond you!

Which one did you like the most? Share with others in the comments below!

Monday, September 14, 2015

#Windows10 Devices are Coming - October 6th

Come October 6th and Microsoft shall be announcing a whole list of devices running exclusive on the newly launched Windows 10 Operating system. While some say the Windows Surface Pro 4 is ready for a giant leap with the new OS, Microsoft would also look forward to getting a good traction through the Microsoft Fitness Band 2 along with a whole new series of Lumia smartphones.

Will Microsoft gain lost ground in Tablets and mobiles? Only time will tell. However, with the audience slowly but steadily warming up to connected devices, this surely is an announcement worth waiting for. 

The launch shall be presided over by CEO Satya Nadella in New York City. Personally, I am excited to find out more about Hololens, Microsoft's augmented reality headset.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

#GoogleFiber Comes to #India with #ProjectNilgiri!

Here's something that every tech geek would love to hear! Google fiber, the 5-year old dream by Google to provide fiber-to-premise broadband service which took the world by storm, providing speeds of upto 1Gb/sec to its subscribers, has decided to come to India with Project Nilgiri, a tie-up with the Indian Railways. This will enable indian citizens to access free-wifi in over 400 stations! 

The news, originally brought by TelecomTalk, looks concrete with the screenshot of the website below:

I don't know about you but the simple thought of getting free internet of upto 7mbps right from the start with a simple sms-verification is exciting!

Will this be for everyone? 
Yes! All you need is a smartphone with a wifi-connectivity option!

How long will you get to be connected to the network?
For the first 34 minutes, you will get speeds of uptot 5 mbps. Thereby the connection speed would reduce. However, you won't be disconnected.

This is Potentially Huge!
With Google tieing-up with RaiTel, a PSU with Pan-India presence, this looks all set to change the way the increasing mobile indian travels. Google has sets its eyes on India for sometime now, With this launch, I hope other telecom providers are forced to better their game and bring down the data charges, which are highest in the world.

Are you excited about Google Fiber? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Which Social Media Metrics Should You Be Focusing On?

Social media metrics

With PTA and Likes virtually meaning nothing these days, there are a lot of social media managers out there who are flustered about the kind of metrics they need to track to give their brands a comprehensive analysis of social media.

What Do You Need to Understand First?
Traditional metrics is dead. The industry had somehow remained stagnant for most part of the last 3 years. However, that has changed. With Facebook reducing organic reach and twitter rumoured to follow suit, without media, your biggest ideas are going to fall face first. That being said, you need to better your game by simply adopting certain methods to ensure guaranteed ROI or Return of Investment in the long run, no matter how much the industry changes.

Well then, with PTA and Likes virtually relegated to the corner, which social media metrics should your business be rather focusing on? Ready? Here we go!