Friday, March 27, 2015

Can Social Media Really Help My Website's SEO?

Social Media SEO gurgaon
As I sat on the other end of the table, the client threw this question at me. Will social media strategy, the one that will spread across 4 months and will include every possible vertical of social media, really help my client in getting adequate hits on his website? Will his website show up on search ranking pages or SERPs as we call it, everytime someone looks his business up?

It was then that I had this realization that this wasn't the first time such a question was being thrown at me.

So, Can Social help SEO?
Depends. Search Engine Optimization is a huge topic in itself. The optimization that you have done on your website, the quality of the backlinks that you have generated, the repository of content pointing to your website across the web all work towards the SEO score of your website. 

Where Social Comes In the Picture?
Social media enables you to generate clicks on your website, as it's highly targetted. The regular you post updates on your social channels with links to your website, the possibility of a new click increases(which is dependent on a lot of other things), thereby making bots crawl your website more frequently and indexing the same.

Through dedicated online marketing strategy, you are able to get popular blogs write about your brand online(with a link pointing to your website). With a dedicated blogger relationship strategy, or Digital PR as we call it, you are able to get popular blogs with thousands of unique visitors in your industry point to your website. This means you are able to generate good links to your website. It's better than guest posting as the content that is pushed on the blog doesn't look promotional at all.

How can Social enable SEO?
When it comes to social media, it's a simple 3-step process to ensure that this medium is ready to bring traffic to your website, thereby increasing the website SEO rank.

Content Strategy
Social media is great place to generate quality content as you are able to track practicaly 100% of what is your industry is talking about, online. The moment you become a moderator to these conversations happening online, your content becomes highly shareable with your audience, thereby giving your brand an edge over the others. You are able to drive natural traffic to your website.

Generate Backlinks
You don't have to keep sharing your content on a regular basis with your audience. Just be ready with your content the moment any of your reader thinks about sharing your content in the digital space. There are a lot of tools online. I find buffer the best, as it lets you share your content on a regular basis depending upon when your audience comes online. Have a clear strategy in place to develop your communities on social - be it Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else.

Build Social Media following
When you have a community of readers who come to your website on a regular basis, you prepare your website against future penguin-like updates from hitting your website's traffic. There are tonnes of websites which are still in shambles after the algorithm update from Google. 

As I sipped the coffee which had gone cold in the course of the meeting, I simply put forth the concept of social media - 
It won't help your website at the outset, but it will definitely help your brand in the long run. 
He was sold.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Lenovo A6000 Review: The Best Budget Smartphone Yet

Lenovo A6000 image
Lenovo A6000: Unmatched Pricing. Amazing Specs

When I got my hands on this lovely beauty, I thought the experience won't be something amazing. I am glad I was proved wrong. This phone exactly offers what you need - Seamless usage and a long battery back up to get you through the day.The phone feels light on your hands, well, it's lighter than the Moto G and the user experience has been by far quite satisfying. 


Lenovo A6000
The Bootup screen
The 8.2mm thick phone and the gripping back cover ensures that the phone sits comfortably in your hand. The curvy-back and the strategically placed keys really help when you are in a hurry. I really appreciate the fact that the designers ensured to make it all happen in the 5-inch screen. I foresee this size to be picked up even more. The screen-to-body ratio is quite acceptable and 294ppi screen delivers as expected. The battery is removable, which is awesome. The 2300mAh beast actually lasted over a day and this is after gruelling Need For Speed Asphalt 8 sessions all day!

Lenovo A6000 image
The volume keys and the power button
Lenovo A6000
mini-USB cable slot on top along with the audio jack

So what powers this one? The Android KitKat OS runs on Qualcom Snapdragon Quadcore 1.2Ghz Cortex processor. With an internal storage of 8GB and 1GB RAM, the phone isn't recommended for heavy users. First time users will find this phone especially useful owing to the usability.

Lenovo A6000 image
Lenovo A6000 all ready for you!


Lenovo A6000 images
Impressive image processing capabilities.
The smartphone boasts of two cameras - 8MP rear camera with flash and 2MP front(without flash). Tried a lot of shots and frankly I am impressed with the quality of the images taken in daylight. Without flast, night photos shall be grainy and selfies without adequate light will disappoint you.

Lenovo A6000 Camera Test
The camera is pretty basic

The Lenovo A6000 is a smartphone not for a heavy user as the internal memory is low. However, if you are tight on the budget and want a phone that'd last all day and let you check mails and calls from time to time, this is a phone that's meant for you. Also, brilliant move by Lenovo in keeping the price so competitive.