Thursday, December 11, 2014

From Marketing to Targetted Advertising - Social Media is Evolving

For long, social media has been the favourite hunting grond for brands who have wanted to build a strong user base. However, Facebook's increasingly changing rules into advertising has really made a lot of dent in the recent times for brands who are looking to make the cut. 

The new model wherein brands had to pay to be visible hasn't quite worked in Facebook's favour. Many brands have gone around the roadblock by actually pushing promotional content on a regular basis. Facebook has finally decided to take a long hard look into this almost-spam and updated its policies. Thank god for that!

As a brand manager for one of the top Facebook pages from India, this should naturally concern me. After all, if I am getting the right content and pushing it with media to generate engagement, Facebook shouldn't come in my way, isn't it? However, I am not. I am glad that this update is finally set to roll from January.

So, how can brand managers deal with the imminent change and ensure that their page has adequate visibility online? Ditch the site altogether? No.

Here's what you need to do:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's Raining Freebies for Aircel Subscribers - Hungama PRO 2 Month Subscription

hungama hd logo

First it was Free Facebook. Then, Free Facebook and WhatsApp with their 3G launch. Now, Aircel has gone ahead and offered another amazing freebie to its customers. This time, it's Hungama Pro subscription for 2 months!

Aircel is widely known for its affordable data packs. With these freebies, customers are sure to take the offer with both hands. Aircel has always provided something "extra" to its audience and this tie up (which is the first of its kind in India) is sure to amaze its customer base.

Mr. Anupam Vasudev, CMO, Aircel belives that the product "has everything their customers need - a hassle-free music experience with high-quality content from varied genres and language."

The Pro version of Hungama brings HD quality music and videos to Aircel subsribers. The feature that separates Hungama Pro from the rest is the offline music capabilities.

Mr. Siddhartha Roy, CEO, believes that "this product wil not only enhance the entertainment quotient for the end-users but also help both brands create a larger community of engaged users."

This will definitely change the landscape of the music streaming industry. One thing is for certain, with increased smartphone penetration in this year and numbers looking good for 2015 and data rates nose-diving, music streaming business will definitely become BIG in India.

What's your favourite music streaming app? Share with us in the comments below!