Saturday, November 15, 2014

How JK Motorsports Hit the Digital Jackpot with #JKNoLimit

JK Tyre Motorsport just took a giant digital leap with #JKNoLimit.

One of the foremost motorsports events in the nation, the 17th JK Tyre Racing Championship practically became a platform to give fans, what they want - a chance at going up, close and personal with the fastest stars from India!

Their campaign was keenly watched online, with the race on-track being closely chased by the one online. I was happy to have closely monitored the campaign and regardless to say, they have practically taken every step right.

To take the motorsporting event digital, JK Motorsports created a microsite under the JK Motorsports website, where users were promted to "earn" their "license to limitless thrills". The website prompted users to sign-in via their Twitter profile and tweet using #JKNoLimit to become the fastest Tweeter for the event and earn prizes. The microsite was quite simple - having a leaderboard and a ticker displaying latest tweets about the event from users.

Majorly, JK Tyre went ahead and powered the campaign through videos, Twitter and Facebook. The campaign was neatly divided into three phases - Pre-launch, Launch, Post-Launch.


The pre-launch phase basically revolved around preparing the ground for the campaign. Posts on Facebook and Twitter went live three days before the campaign to build excitement. Users, evidently, became really excited for the contest. 3 teaser videos gave a very exciting feel to the event and were quickly shared across platforms.


This has probably been the best launch for a sporting event. For those on-the-go, the microsite offered live-feed of the event. To keep them from getting distracted, the microsite asked users to live-tweet the event from the comfort of their homes. This set the event apart and at the day of the event, practically everyone became a commentator. I witnessed the event closely throughout the day. JK Tyre had opened up the entire event to its fans. Fans stood a chance to flag off the race, wave the flag to finish the race, take a shot at the Grand Stand passes and even VIP passes.

JK Tyre gave special attention to sports bloggers and invited them to the paddock to get them a feel about the cars that they have desired to see and touch all their lives. My camera went crazy for the entire time I was there! 

And then came the BIG question - What about the numbers?

How Did it Fare?
On the day of the event, #JKNoLimit had received 17000+ mentions, reaching out to over 1.5 million people and a total impression of 64 million!  The campaign received a lot of positive reviews as well:

That's quite stunning, considering the fact that this isn't even the final round of the event. The final round of the JK Tyre Racing Championship takes place next month on the 13th and 14th at the Buddh International Circuit.