Thursday, September 25, 2014

Obi Delivers a Stunner with Octopus S520 [Review]

With a majority of features phone users in India saying "YES!" to smartphones and more importantly, Android, it's important to review the "dark horses" in this segment. Obi has quietly done a stunning job lately, delivering one blockbuster model after the other. With the all new Octopus S520, it goes one step ahead and gives you a highly configured smartphone that fits your pocket and taste!

KitKat 4.4.2
Yup. The biggest advantage of this phone is that it comes packed with the latest Android, thereby giving you the very best of Android, today! Say good-bye to lags and enjoy superior performance!

Processor - Octa-dvantage
Another big news is the octa-core processor. Using this phone is fun! The processor uses all of them simultaneously, thereby enabling you to play games without any glitch.

Resolution and Camera
While the smartphone delivers 720p images on the screen, it packs in a rear camera of 8MP and a front camera of 2MP. The 5-inches screen is pleasing and brings everything to life. You're going to love showing off this neat piece of technology. I shall be doing a detailed testing soon!

Rounding up the features once more!

Operating System
Android KitKat 4.4.2
5 Inches IPS screen
1.7Ghz octa-core
8GB Internal (Expandable to 32GB)
8MP with Flash (Rear) + 2MP (front)
SIM Slots

Worth the Money?
While the configuration is absolutley breathtaking, with the phone packing in a LOT of features, it might not be that great of a choice for hardcore gamers. The octa-core processor shall require a lot of juice which the battery doesn't quite provide for long. However, think of this phone as an advanced version of the iPhone - it lets you do everyday tasks in an efficient way. After all, you won't be playing NFS all day.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Facebook: Of Video Views and Depression

With the advent of smartphones and declining 3G data rates, videos views through mobile devices have increased. Facebook, naturally being the most popular social networking site, has benefited from this trend!

The popular networking site has claimed that over a billion videos are being watched daily. Since the past 1 year, this has grown by over 50%. Thanks to the smartphone penetration, bulk of these, 65% to be exact, are being watched through the mobile device! When you pit the number against the total users on Facebook monthly - a staggering 1.32 billion active users, you can clearly see that this trend is here to stay. 

Video Importance on Newsfeed

Facebook is giving videos importance on the newsfeed, well, the ones directly uploaded on Facebook and not re-shares from YouTube. Facebook considers videos more important than images for the richness of the content. With a billion views a day, Facebook needs to roll out the Video metrics really soon. It has been teasing users with awesome features that would rival YouTube's video metrics for business since May this year. It has even floated the best practices for brand managers for Video uploads. 

Here's what's in store for you:

Audience Retention, Video views and performance based on the target group (Yup, you can customize them all) and a plenty of other metrics are headed your way! Time to slowly start chucking YouTube out of your marketing plan? You might be going the wrong way. YouTube still rocks when it comes to those who are logged-out. Facebook is banking on logged-in viewers and has employed not-so great measures such as auto-plays on Newsfeed. This might backfire later. 

Now, the Depression

Austrian psychologists Christina Sagioglou and Tobias Greitmeyer, based on their study on 123 German-speaking active Facebook users concur that over-using Facebook might do more harm than good. Users who undertook the survey showed lowering of psychological needs and overall mood.

You might want to hit the "log-out" button more often than you think you do. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Sub-6k Smartphone from Google? Of Course!

Android One Launch India
Android One is HERE! - Pic:
While the entire world waits with bated breath for the iPhone launch scheduled to happen in the next 10 days, Google has sent out invitations for a September 15th event. The event, many say, will showcase Google's Android One sub-6000 smartphone.

The Smartphone Segment

With India's smartphone shipments growing at a healthy 84% in the last one year with a quarter-on-quarter growth of 11%, this is a logical step from Google. Banking on the immense success of Nexus and Moto range of smartphones, the entry-level smartphone segment really needs a big push. With IDC reporting that the sub-$200 space lighting up like fireworks in the coming few years, especially with many Indian consumers buying a smartphone for the first time, Google would naturally want to jump in.

How'd They Launch It?

To put it quite simply - Micromax has emerged as the leader in feature and smartphone shipment race and other players such as Karbonn and Spice have taken a major leap in technology as well. Even though Samsung leads in the smartphone segment, the 3 companies would definitely benefit a lot from Google's expertise and would help Google counter the balance.

It's About Credibility

When Google announced its Android One project in June, everyone agreed with India being the chosen destination for the launch. The audience has primed for a smartphone revolution. Firefox wanted to take an early lead into this race with its Rs.2300 smartphone. However, it was too soon. Google has been around for quite some time and will be the preferred choice for customers who are looking to jump from Feature to Smartphones.

Exciting times ahead! Do you think Android One is here to say? Share your thoughts in the comments below!