Friday, June 20, 2014

Amazon Fire Phone Review: All Smoke?

Amazon fire phone large image
Amazon Fire: iPhone
With Amazon Fire Phone, the company has really jumped into the smartphone war. It was interesting to see the company announcing the phone without subsidizing through the carrier. The 32GB model comes with a hefty price tag of $199 from AT&T. With that kind of money, the iPhone 5S can come to you quite easily. With the price clearly putting Amazon’s flagship (and first) phone against the iPhone 5S, it brings us to the question – Is it all smoke?

Amazon has been absolutely brilliant with the hardware of the phone. The phone features a 720p 4.7” IPS LCD screen. That might not be much, considering the kind of Android awesomeness that’s there in the market these days. But this phone has a pixel density of 312PPI, which is quite close to the iPhone 5S’ 326PPI.

With the 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor powering this phone accompanied with Adreno 330 GPU, you might feel this might not be the fastest phone in the market. Looking at the paper, you might be right. The fastest is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801. However, with the kind of apps that you download and the kind of usage, it might not make quite a lot of difference to an average user.

The Fire Phone has a 13 Mp rear and 2MP front camera. Now, that should be quite awesome for those who are thinking about getting their hands on one of these. However, there might be surprises. Merely packing more megapixels might not fetch the desired results in that selfie that you take.

Operating System
I strongly have a feeling the Fire OS is headed the BB10 way. I’d be happy to be proved wrong on this one. This is an interesting blend of Amazon OS. The store might be very different with many apps that might not be available in other Android devices. However, if you are really a huge fan of Amazon products, this might be a good bet. 

While the Amazon Fire clearly has the qualities to stand out, it still has a long way to become the primary device choice for many. Plus, Amazon hasn’t been able to make a mark in the emerging markets like India. So, it’s going to be interesting to see how the company fares with the Amazon Fire.  

Excited about the smartphone? Would you be ready to chuck your iPhone or Galaxy for this one? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

What's Great about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S? Everything.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung's Flagship Tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab S has already created quite a storm in the mobile world! With the tablet being introduced with a tagline "Tab into color", one can easily understand Samsung's focus on clearly making this tablet provide the perfect viewing experience.

Let's run down through the best that Samsung has on offer for you in the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S!

An industry first 2560x1600 Super AMOLED display is perfect for bulk tablet owners. Tablet owners normally use their device for viewing photos, videos and social networking. Samsung's latest device aims to cater to this segment in a big way. The wider color range and the deep contrast is sure to enhance the viewing experience!

At just 6.6mm, this is by far the thinnest tablets released by Samsung in the market. This, coupled with option on 8.4 inch and 10.5 inch variants will definitely entice customers to go for this piece of marvellous innovation.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S has all the essential features of its S5 smartphones. SideSync 3.0 will allow users to transfer the data from their S5 to their Tab S without even connecting them via a cable. With Remote PC, one can easily connect the tab with the computer without the assistance of a cable. Neat isn't it? Oh! Like the S5, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S has fingerprint scanner which allows up to 8 users to make the most of this new device.

The Samsung Galalxy Tab S will be priced below Rs.30,000 in the US when it releases in July. However, one can expect a sharp increase in prices when it is released in India.

Content has been one of Samsung's latest focus, with the technology company coming forward and giving the consumer free content from nearly 30 partners. Below is the list of awesomeness that will come with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S:

The Washington Post: 6 months trial subscription
Bitcasa: 3 months subscription of 1TB Storage
Colossatron: Free game download plus 60 Power Orbs (Worth of $5.99)
Asphalt 8: Free car pack item (Worth of $20)
Cisco WebEX Meetings: 6 month free subscription and unlimited meetings
Family Guy: Premium in-game credit (Worth of $15)
Conde Family Guy: Premium in-game credit (Worth of $15)Nast Magazines: Free special editions of Vogue, GQ and more
Cut the Rope 2: Free in-game items (Worth of $15)
Dropbox: 50GB of included space for 2 years (100GB for $99/year)
LIVESPORT.TV*: 6 months trial subscription
Box: 50GB for 6 months Blurb: $5 coupon
Fruit Ninja: Free game download plus 10,000 Starfruits (Worth of $5.99)
Hancom Office: Documents on-the-go for Android
Kindle for Samsung” Samsung Book Deals; One free book per month
Learn English – Voxy: 3 months trial subscription of Premium English Training Course
LinkedIn: LinkedIn Premium - Business account for 3 months
Marvel Unlimited: 3 months trial subscription of Marvel Unlimited digital comics
Paypal: Paypal Merchant discounts and special offers (Worth of $50)
Pocket: 6 months trial premium subscription
Easilydo: 6 months trial subscription Evernote: Premium Service for 1 year
Remote PC: 2 year trial subscription
The Economist: 6 months trial subscription
The Wall Street Journal: 6 months trial subscription
Real Player Cloud: 6 months trial of 100GB ‘Gold’ Subscription
Workout Trainer: 6-month trial of premium service
The New York Times: 12 weeks trial digital subscription
Bloomberg Businessweek+: 12 months trial subscription