Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Social Media Strategy: Where Are You Going Wrong?


With companies thinking about creating a presence online, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed before you should even post a single update from your official handle. Social media strategy is pretty important and you need to focus on the actuals before really going ahead with it. 

So, what are the steps that you need to take in order to ensure that your social media basics are taken care of? Here are some of them:

No Clear Objective
Be very clear about the reason you are going to be online. Is it going to be all about focusing on retouching base with the exsting customers or finding new ones, your objectives will decide on the entire social media policy. So, be very sound about it. An unclear objective may spell doom when it comes to quarterly review. 

Lack of ORM Policy
ORM or Online Reputation Management is crucial if you have a big business in the offline world. When you are thinking about creating a presence, there might be instances when you are pounded by customers online who may need immediate redressal, all of them! Be sure to create a separate department to handle your queries as the promotions team won't be the right ones to back things up.

No/Absurd Media Budget
With Facebook doing away with PTAs, you should think about allocating a proper budget for your Facebook presence. The cost per exposure is still very low compared to traditional media. So, you might just well use it to get the initial traction. Get a deep analysis about your market and reach out to them on a regular basis. Don't sit ideal till your competitors moves. It might just be too late.

No Content Policy
Every brand has pillars of topics on which they can talk about. Look around, sit with your brand team. Focus on the verticals that you have and get/generate content around it. Dishing out regular content becomes way easier when you know about the whole calender of events around the verticals that you want to focus on.

Poor Design
When you are on social media, the creatives should be aligned properly with the entire brand. You need to ensure that your design is of supreme quality and avoidable goof-ups such as Fonts/Colors/Tone are taken care of.

With the above mentioned points, there are a number of other stuff that you can do in order to bolster your social media presence. Do subscribe or like the page on Facebook to stay posted. Have a great one!