Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Marketing Basics: Creativity and Profit

Blog marketing
For businesses large and small, creating and marketing a blog is the best way to generate business in the long run. When it comes to blog marketing, there are many who don't know the best way to balance it through social media. If you are thinking about marketing your blog in such a way that it brings business to you in the immediate and long term future, then there are a couple of points that you need to focus on.

Blog marketing online

Blog updates
The first point that needs to be taken care of is the blog update cycle. If you are writing on a specific industry, then your updates need to be focused on this very important issue. Blog updates need to be regular, the essential information should be conveyed at the earliest and other relevant details should follow. You should have a clear cut policy regarding the information you are supposed to share and the ones you are supposed to withhold.

One of the biggest points that many often miss out on is to properly engage with those who are commenting on the blog posts. The best way to enhance your brand awareness campaign is by knowing what your customers are talking about and helping them resolve it. If your blog posts receive healthy comments and you aren't replying to them, then it will be increasingly difficult for you to maintain your online reputation in case things take an ugly turn.

Just because your website's SEO has been taken care of doesn't mean you can shirk this responsibility with your blog. Consider your blog to be equal, if not more important, to your website. Every post should have a clear set of meta-descriptions, tags and image alt-tags to enable crawlers to place your blog posts in the best possible way.

Perhaps the next step is the most time-consuming of the lot. You need to develop an audience willing to hear you out. Follow the industry peers online and connect with them professionally (via LinkedIn and SkillPages). If you are a B2B company, then you need to focus more on Twitter and LinkedIn. Join groups and focus on getting conversions in the long run.

Case Studies
If it's fine with your client, go ahead by publishing a couple of case studies online. Your audience will love your insights into a particular case and would definitely remember you the next time they have a project.
Takeaway: With so many tools that are there at your disposal, you can even go ahead and focus on big brands and their campaigns and give your insights on how they fared online. 

Remember, it always works for your advantage to be ready for a client who isn't there yet. You blog should be the official desk for your company to provide information and guidance to those who'd love to work with you.