Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog Prob 2. No Traffic!!

A blog is only as good as the traffic it generates. No matter how much you keep yourself busy with the blog, you still need motivation in the form of a steady traffic. Your blog can help redirect so many potential customers to your website. This will automatically result in higher sales. But even after carrying out a good blog, what if you are still not seeing the traffic increase?

No Traffic

We normally write a Blog to highlight the developments happening in our company. But the way we write them may completely turn the readers off. In such a scenario, you need drastic changes in the way the blog is written. Here are the tips which will come in handy –

Addressing the issue

  • Re-Evaluate – Ask questions from the readers’ point of view. The way you write the blog must be different than the way other businesses write. You must highlight previously unknown facts about your product/services and make it interesting to read. Check the posts which received the highest clicks and compare them with the ones that engaged the readers (comments). The goal here is to write more about what people want, not want you want them to hear.
  • Guest Posts – You are not the only one in your industry carrying out a blog. Even if this is the case, then there are ways and means through which you can attract a whole new set of audience – Guest posts. You can write about something completely different on someone else’s blog in order to bring variety into your writing. This will be a win-win situation for both the blogger as well as for your business.

  • Social Media – The fastest way with which you can increase your traffic is by recommending it to your audience in various social networks. Blogs must be the kind of resource that they can check up on, whether they are on any particular social network or not anymore. Remember, MySpace is now almost forgotten. So, don’t just concentrate on your social media marketing skills solely on social networks, keep your blog at the center of your campaign.

It is a fantastic experience to see the graph rise with time. Ensure to carry out the right job and see your dream of getting more people to your blog, come true.

Image courtesy - www.ridelust.com